January 2


The secret to getting lots of free extra’s when you book a caravan holiday !

By Graham Evans

January 2, 2023

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Have you ever booked a caravan holiday and been disappointed with your caravan? You may have been expecting it to be missing a few home comforts, but not that many eh?

When you book directly with a caravan site like where our caravan is sited at Cala Gran it’s like the national lottery as to the quality of caravan you get.  You either must pay a premium price to book an area of the park, or even more for a specific caravan.

Let’s look at a typical checklist if you book directly with a site:-

  • When you book directly with any site it is highly unlikely you will get any specific details about your caravan, you’ll probably only find out what pitch you have when you check in.
  • Check in mid-afternoon! That’s almost a day gone of your holiday, especially once you have completed the tasks below.
  • Find your caravan, yes you have a map, but was that, that easy to follow. We have heard stories of it taking almost an hour to find the caravan!
  • Getting the caravan ready for you! You now must unload the car, and find your bedding to make the beds up, and if there’s a family of 5 or 6 or even more that’s another hour taken up of your holiday.
  • Now your ready! Its time to chill and you think about having a quick social media catch-up. Ooops No WIFI! they said FREE WIFI! You make the call and they tell you it is free WIFI but its only available in the main complex.
  • At the end of your holiday you’ve had a fantastic time but now it's time to check-out. Unfortunately for you, the site wants to rent that caravan again, quickly. So, they want you out and, on your way, almost before your breakfast has settled. Now it's time to build up the stress levels because you still have to strip the beds because it’s your bedding and it all needs to go home. Is that really how you want to end your holiday?


NOW SHUSH AND DON'T TELL EVERYONE  Here is the secret to not falling into the Caravan holiday nightmare above. I’ll address each point above as to what happens when you not only rent our caravan, but for most other privately rented caravans too.

First things first! You will deal directly with the owner of the caravan, not a receptionist, manager etc, someone who actually cares about the caravan. In our case you will have our mobile numbers to get hold of us if you have any problems.

  • We personally leave the site to go back to our working lives the night before you arrive on holiday. That means you can check in any time you want on the first day of your holiday. Set off in the middle of the night if you wish, everything is ready for you before we leave. So why should you waste half a day’s holiday before you can check-in?
  • Finding our caravan is dead easy, well it is with our step-by-step instructions on how to find it :>)
  • Now you’re in, and there’s nothing for you to do, we’ve already made your beds, and have left you a few extras to ensure your first hour in the caravan is relaxing obviously we can’t unpack for you.
  • Do you remember that WIFI comment above? Welcome to your own PRIVATE WIFI. Not only is it available throughout the caravan its strong enough to cope with all your devices too.
  • There is entertainment available on-site, but sometimes, just sometimes maybe you want an evening in. No problem help yourself to a little bit of Netflix (Do you think your direct caravan site rental gives you this?)
  • You don't even have to miss out on your weekly takeaway, there is a large variety of local takeaways that are more than happy to deliver to your caravan.
  • Everybody hates going home from holiday. We won’t be coming back to the caravan until the day after your holiday, so there is no reason why you can’t spend the bulk of your last day on site and just leave for home whenever you like. Remember we made the beds for you before you arrived, just leave them on the bed and we will change them when we arrive.

There you have it a dead-easy way of ensuring that the caravan you get more than meets your expectations, is to simply hire privately. I can only speak for our caravan, but customer service is the top of our list and it's in our own personal interest to make sure you have “The time of your life”.

Do you want more info? All you have to do is WHATSAPP or TEXT 07772843239.

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